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About Us

Tour2Guide is an online portal striving towards making arrangements simpler for our clients.
The company was founded in 2018 by Johan Rohda & Eduard Neethling when they saw the need for a portal for the tour guide market to market themselves and provide small travel business owners the platform to retrieve services in the tourist industry, not only to make the planning of tours for clients better but to use accredited tour guide resources effectively and efficiently.
We pour our time and energy into making planning travel seemless, not only because it’s our job, but because it’s our passion.

Benefits of our Platform









Reach thousands   Our platform is location based   Easily find all info online quickly   Expand your business
The platform allows you to be found by the operating tourist industry, whether you are a tour operator, tour guide or a transfer/rental company, this platform is for you and for maximum exposure.
Tour operators make use of our search functionality to find tour guides and tour transfers according to the location they are operating in.
Tour operators, tour guides and transfer/rental companies can easily and conveniently reference their information and find information at any time from their personal online profile.
The platform makes it easy for tour operators, tour guides and transfer/rental companies to expand their business by making their services available to the searching tourist industry.
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